Let’s make a Fairy house

You will need an empty juice bottle, a Make it Magical Fairy house kit, a craft knife, scissors, craft glue, quick-set glue, and paint.

Before you begin, unpack your kit and make sure that the bottle fits on the base provided and that the lotus pod fits onto the neck of the bottle.

Begin by cutting the bottle to the size that you want.

TIP: It’s much easier to cut into the bottle and follow the line if you heat the blade of the craft knife over a flame.

Once you are happy with the size and shape, paint your house and set it aside to dry.

TIP: Use spray paint to get a smooth, glossy finish.

Measure and cut the shape of your door out of a piece of card. Use a pair of scissors to cut 3 construction sticks in half and glue them toyour card. Leave the top uncut while the glue dries.

IMPORTANT TIP: Use a damp cloth to wipe the excess glue from the surface of your door. You’ll be unable to paint over the glue once it dries, so keep wiping and lining up your panels. Craft glue takes some time to set, so don’t panic if the sticks move around while you wipe, they will settle eventually.


Let the door dry on the bottle so that it will curve and follow the shape of the bottle. Once the door is firm and dry, trim the sticks to the shape of your card and paint.

Once the paint has dried, glue the door to your house and use clothing pegs to hold it in position until the glue dries. It’s more important for the base of your door to fit the shape of the bottle so don’t worry if the top of the door isn’t flat against the bottle… the moss hides this once you start decorating.

TIP: Consider your design; if you intend to make a front step, measure the door against the step before you glue it on.

Let’s work on the roof now. Gently, remove the inner of the lotus pod with your fingers until it fits onto the bottle.I’ve added paint effects by ragging paint from the bottom edge towards the peak.

TIP: Craft paint dries quite quickly so do the ragging in sections if you intend to have this effect. Paint a thick band on the edge and use a damp cloth to wipe in an upward direction. You may have to add paint and drag a few times until you get the effect that you want.

Whoop, whoop! Finally, we are ready to construct and decorate.

Begin by constructing the awning with a piece of feature bark, add moss to help hold it in place and to cover any gaps around the door.

USEFUL TIP: Separate the strands of moss and use a construction stick to help shape and manoeuvre the moss and glue around the door. Continue to reposition your awning until it holds. This can take about 10 minutes.

Glue your house to the wood base and start adding the stone cladding around the house. You will need quick-setting glue for this step or loads of patience if you continue with craft glue.

IMPORTANT TIP: It’s not impossible to use craft glue for this step. Glue your house to its base and give it some time to dry.Adding the moss as you glue the stones does help, but because of the weight of the cladding stone you will have to keep checking and positioning the stones every now and again until it holds by itself. This can take a few hours.

BEST ADVICE: If you do not have a quick-setting glue or the patience to fiddle with the cladding, use your kit in a different way. I made this Fairy house using moss and décor gravel around the base and used the stone cladding at the front door.

Once you are happy with the cladding, use craft glue to add the moss detail around the stones. While the glue is still liquidadd your flower bouquet. Cut the wire stems to size and push them between the stones and moss. Add a blob of glue to hold them against the house if necessary and bend and shape until you are happy. Trail your glue around the stones so that you add some moss detail to the back of your house.

Continue to add moss to hide glue and gaps and to add charm.

Glue the step in place and splodge a bit of glue where you want to add some décor gravel.

The next step is to cut the stems to the height that you want and glue the décor mushrooms in place and add some reindeer moss to create textural accents to your fairy house. Finally, glue the roof in place and add a jewel for a door handle and we’re done!

TIP: Reindeer moss has a spongy nature and will strain against the glue so hold it in place until it settles.

MOST IMPORTANT TIP: There isn’t a wrong way to make a Fairy house, Fae folk are gracious and they’ll appreciate your effort. So however you do it, just remember to always Make it Magical….

Have fun and send us your pictures when you’re done.