Making accessories

All of these accessories are made using items found in your kit and a few that can be found around the house. The foam paper and the cardboard straws are so versatile and with the addition of a hot glue gun, there is no limit to the imagination. Here are a few examples of easy to make accessories to enhance your creation.

Use log slices as tops and the cardboard straws as table and chair legs.

Use a small square of foam paper and some hot glue to hold the cut flower wire. This simple design can be hot glued onto your house to hang the bell.

With the addition of a button, you can make the most delightful little café chair. Some tiny kitchen settings and tea time for Tinkerbell.

A comfortable lounge chair and reading nook

Make little books for the library by folding and gluing the foam paper. Add your personal touch with painting and decorating.

A very simple witches broom made from a stick wrapped with a small piece of hessian. Be generous with the glue when wrapping and tie with cotton thread. Remove some of the hessian threads until it resembles a broom.

An easy peasy table or workbench. Use a double layer of foam for the legs. Add extra support along the sides and add a top. Once painted, it firms up and looks exactly like wood.

Cut your shape out of foam paper, paint the section for the pond and glue some pebbles around. Add moss and leaves to cover the excess foam paper. Squeeze some hot glue into the pond and dab it with paint after it sets to create a water effect.

NB: You will need to use a hot glue gun to fashion round shapes with foam paper.

Line up the sides of the bucket and glue together. Use a coffee stirrer to wipe away blobs of glue while it’s still liquid. It’s easier to glue your bucket shape onto a small square of foam paper and then trim away the excess and paint. I painted the wire stem and glued a tiny strip of foam paper to create a handle.

Draw the shape of your birdhouse and cut the pieces. I’ve used a coffee stirrer for the sides and the upright post.  Use the craft knife to cut a slit in the bottom for the upright. Glue all pieces together and paint, insert the post into the slit at the bottom and use a nice big blob of cold glue on the inside to hold it in place before you glue on the roof. I drew the black circle and used a toothpick to create the perch. I used a piece of bark for the welcome sign and decorated with flowers and a little foam bird.