Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, making mistakes and having fun.  Mary Lou Cook

A Make it Magical party is a unique creative experience suitable for both girls and boys of ages 5years and older. (younger children will require assistance from a parent or older sibling)

We offer our standard package at only R3000 for up to 12 participants. (R250 per person for additional guests)

 What to expect

Each participant will choose 1 of our base structures. This is made up of a recycled bottle that has been cleaned and cut, then sprayed and glued onto a supawood base. Each house has a laser cut door and a roof. Each house is individually made and is unique in its design and colour. At every workshop/party, we bring a selection of 3 styles to choose from:

  • Flower Fairy house
  • Sparkling Bling Fairy house
  • Woodland Natural Fairy house

 To enhance your creation, we also have a paint station with an array of 15 colours of acrylic craft paint and a variety of paint brushes.

Our forage station is filled with a generous variety of nature’s little treasures as well as sticks, twigs, shells, stones and log slices. We love collecting these little treasures wherever we find them. 

There is no limit to the IMAGINATION and there are NO RULES for creativity.

The hugely popular hot glue station is the main event at any workshop. This is where participants are encouraged to let their imagination run wild… anything is possible with a bit of hot glue. We provide a variety of bits and bobs that can be turned into furniture and accessories that your fairies will enjoy. Don’t be surprised to see tables, chairs, beds, swings, trees, ponds, fountains and even washing machines!        

The hot glue station is under constant supervision by 1 of our team members as the hot glue can be hazardous to young children. We bring additional hot glue guns so that children and parents who are familiar with this tool are free to create without supervision. 

Additional tools include a drill with a variety of bits in all sizes, junior hacksaw and secateurs for wood trimming, sanding blocks and small miscellaneous tools for finer details. It is not uncommon for fairy moms and fairy dads to express their engineering expertise at the hot glue station…the fun is contagious! 

In addition, for every 6 participants, we have a share tray with artificial moss, natural moss, bark, a selection of fairy flowers, fairy fencing in different colours and a tub of sparkles which includes bells, cups, ladybirds, trinkets, jewels, beads, puffy stickers, jewelled stickers and surprise treasures.

We also provide each table with our quick-set wood glue, shakers of fairy grass and a selection of gravel and stones for all your landscaping needs.

Fantasy is a NECESSARY ingredient for living. Dr Seuss

You must provide:

  • A group of excited fairies
  •  Tables and seating for all fairy builders
  •  Additional table for accessories
  • Access to an electrical point
  • Access to water

 We will bring:

  • Our happy, creative energy
  • Table for the hot glue station
  • Table for paint and forage
  • Basin with paint rags
  •  Trestle paper
  • Make it Magical take home boxes
We arrive and set up our work stations at least 30mins before your start time. We allocate 2 hours for every party, however, we can neither hurry them along nor slow them down.

Our team of fairy helpers have experience working with young children and are patient and encouraging of fairies who are a bit unsure of what to do. We do all we can to satisfy the creative spirit of all participants at your party and we’d like to believe that we contribute positively towards the fun and excitement.

Thank you for choosing Make it Magical.

Ask about our add on accessories to make your party even more magical. 

Imagination is more IMPORTANT than KNOWLEDGE Albert Einstein

Fairy feedback:


Thank you to the team for making my daughter’s 9th Birthday truly magical. My daughter was over the moon. Some of the comments received were ‘this is so cool’ ‘best party ever’ etc. Your team were amazing – my heartfelt thanks to them. I would not hesitate to recommend you (and have!)


From start to finish the experience was magic. We hired Make it magical for my daughters 6th birthday party. The staff arrived early to set up. cleaned perfectly before they left. They were so kind and friendly. The whole idea is so creative, the kids loved it and the team went out of their way to help the kids make their dream fairy houses. I would Highly recommend them!